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  Luoyang Kechuang is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of petroleum light hydrocarbon and new coal chemical technology. Founded in 2007, the headquarter is located in Hengsheng Technology Park of Luoyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation.

The company has process research center, engineering technology development department, catalyst production department and other departments, with a large number of experienced high-level technical personnel.   The company has more than 70 employees, including 28 senior technical personnel for process research and engineering development and 19 production technical personnel.

  Through years of practice in catalyst development, process research, engineering development and catalyst production, the company has become a patent dealer who can provide users with complete process  technology (including catalyst and process package). The company has more than ten patents, most of which have achieved industrialization and achieved good application effect, and are well recognized by the industry.

  The company adheres to the enterprise spirit of "science and technology as the foundation, innovation as the source". It has made great progress in the increasingly fierce market competition. Its business scale has been expanding and its business has been growing rapidly. Deep processing technology of light hydrocarbon, such as aromatization of light hydrocarbon to produce blending components of high octane gasoline or catalytic cracking of light hydrocarbon to produce propylene, has been widely used in all parts of the country. The methanol cracking technology developed for the special market in China has also been successfully applied to produce propylene or gasoline. In recent years, the company has made continuous technological innovation, including alkylation of benzene / toluene with methanol to xylene, alkylation of catalytic dry gas with benzene to ethylbenzene, benzene reduction of rich benzene gasoline, dehydrogenation of low-carbon alkane to olefin and other technological achievements are gradually realizing industrial application.

The company adheres to the guarantee and commitment to users and wholeheartedly provides users with high-quality and satisfactory services.