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Technology brief

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Benzene reduction technology of benzene rich gasoline Release time:2019-09-11 Browse times:43

Technology brief

This technology is an innovation based on the methylation technology of benzene and methanol. Toluene or xylene is produced by methylation of benzene and methanol rich in gasoline on specially modified special catalyst. The aromatics content is not decreased while the benzene content is reduced, and the octane number of gasoline is increased to a certain extent, which provides a new process for the production of high-quality gasoline by reducing the benzene content of gasoline.

Technical characteristics

The technology adopts fixed bed process, with simple structure, low reaction pressure, easy operation and control, simple process flow, low investment and operation cost, strong adaptability to raw materials, which can be benzene rich light gasoline of reforming unit or crude benzene unit, or benzene or toluene. The removal rate of benzene is more than 93%, and Ron of gasoline can be increased by 4-10 units after benzene reduction. Catalyst one-way operation cycle > 60 days, total life ≥ 3.0